The Best Browser for easel

Can anyone advise me on the best browser to use for easel. In terms of stability. I was using google chrome and now changed to internet explorer.I was having problems where my calibration of my machine just changed to default. I reinstalled my arduino ide and wiped my arduino board clean. I then re flashed the board and re calibrated my machine. everything works fine now. I then changed to internet explorer. all seems to work fine now.

I’ve used Safari, FireFox, and Edge with no problems. I’ve found older Safari is a bit quirky but generally find FireFox on both MAC and PC to work fine. I gave 2 PCs , onevwith Win 7 and one Win 10. Both work equally well.

Here it is straight from Inventables. Other browsers may work, but at least there are specifications to start from.


Brandon Parker

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Thank you very much for your valuable advice. I am now currently using Microsoft Edge and so far no problems yet. I Will give firefox a go too and see how it goes.