The best keyhole bit money can buy!

This is my machine

@ErikJenkins it’s not the code it’s the automatic tool measuring device on my machine. It measures the bit before each cut. I’m sure there’s an easy solution but I haven’t looked into very seriously yet.

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oh now you have gone and done it raines!!


that is sweet… tiny but sweet lol


whats the part number on the keyhole bit that you where using this morning ?

Ha tiny lol. 4’ x 4’ is plenty big for what I cut. I’ll go to an automatic tool changer before I’ll be too concerned about size, but I never work with MDF and plywoods only hardwood panels I have glued up specific for my projects.

As for speeds I think it’s 18,000 and no extra movement just plunge, go forward for the slot and then come right out. I don’t even turn on the dust collector since it’s such a small cut.


so using that method have you found a way to tile that hand written gcode for say 8 keyholes over a 8ft span? more or less 12" apart

I guess it would go something like this if I had to guess



well @##$$%$^&^#%^#%#$$%$%#$^@$^$^@#%&$%%@$%$^^%^%$%$%$%$@@#$@#$@#$%&^#$#^#^#^%#@@@$%

idk why i keep breaking the old carbide tipped bits then

maybe cause they where grizzly idk lol

I haven’t tried, but for me I just do 1 at a time…I’ve made signs with 2 on them, but I just do 1, move to the next and resend the file.

ahh i see okay thanks

850.001.11 Yeah, I certainly can’t say much for Grizzly bits.

Would you mind sharing the code, I could have sworn it was posted previously but my searches are not returning anything… Thanks in advance

Here is the thread, but I will post my code tomorrow evening…too late to go out to the shop :slight_smile:


Where is the keyhole tool in Vcarve?
Or is it not in the desktop version?

It’s actually a Gadget, free downloadable tools within VCarve. There is a Gadget drop down right on the tool bar to get you going.

I really don’t know what to say about the trouble people are having with breaking bits. It’s blowing my mind, because unless the bit is a toy it should easily be able to handle a keyhole. The only time I have ever broken bits was when doing full depth carves in 1" hardwoods.

Maybe it’s in the code, but I can’t imagine how. In fact, before I got my CMT I used an old, chipped, and extremely dull Bosch bit. The only problem was it burned a little, but it certainly didn’t break.

Or maybe it’s a machine thing - I don’t know.


to be honest man I am not sure either

like I said I have broken at least 8 of them all after 5-7 .75" slots

I have used settings from and almost everywhere in between

8-50ipm and rpms from 12000 to 24000 and no matter what I do they are breaking

and I even set-up air cooling

I am working in red oak

the only conclusion I can come to at this point is the rigidity of the machine

yeah thats something I have not tried thus far

I am just worried about the time it will take to do that if say I am making slot board for pop displays

I might have to do cam for pecking and then roughing with a tool change and see which one takes longer

I was wondering at what point I would have to hand write gcode for the machine because even Fusion 360 does not have the capability to peck horizontally within 1 tool path

maybe mastercam or alphacam does


so I have some jobs coming up that require t-slots on complex curves what do you think would be a good thing to do with that? I mean I think hand programming gcode might be out of the question on that?

in my experience with the trace tool path in Fusion I have problems when I try and link sketchs lines together lol

it never starts where you want it to once you link them but maybe I am doing it wrong

these are some of the shapes (umm roughly drawn lol )

If all of the curved keyhole slots are the same, I would make a template and use a router to cut them.