The body shop

Getting ready for the Tacoma Dome guitar show, I love my XC, it sure makes the guitar shows fun! Thanks inventables!


This my new fav…


So pretty.

Is that a cap, or solid?

It’s 1/4" quilt top with a cherry back


Beautiful guitars!


Anyone get wholesale on parts? particularly Gotch, EMG and Floyd Rose.

I have been eyeballing that slab for a month or two now and finally bought it. I got two bodies out of it and I have a super nice flame maple top all ready to go for the 2nd cherry body.

I have never checked into that, but with as many Tele bodies I have laying around, this might be a good time to do just that.

I have a few Charvels from the 80’s and one has a 24-3/4 scale neck. I want to remake that neck. makes a 24 3/4 conversion neck that works with a standard 25 1/2 Fender scale body. I think it would be super cool to figure out how to do that.

smoothest neck I have ever played.