The build is on!

I don’t think that one is 10A on 240V either, but maybe more than 1.5A?

I am not sure…sorry.

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Ok, I will check some more. Maybe it’s good enough :smile:

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@ErikJenkins, can I use this GND for the buttons NO connection or can I use the -24V from the psu?
I guess this GND pin is the same as the -5V from the Arduino directly underneath.

For the buttons, you mean the reset, feedhold and cycle start? Yes, that ground will work fine. That is the one I am using.
I do not use the power supply ground for the buttons.

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My buttons are illuminated with a 24v light, I do use the 24v power supply for the lamp in the buttons, both +24v and the ground.

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Thnx, that was exactly what I was thinking :smile:
I have the same buttons.

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And the yellow spindle wire can be connected to the solid state relay for controlling the Makita power?

Yes, that is correct…tomorrow I can post exactly how I have mine wired if you like. Pin 11 on the arduino is the spindle PWM control.

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This thread talks about the relay wiring. I can still add mine tomorrow when I get home from work.

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Look forward to that. Very nice to have something to follow when building things :smile:

OK, sorry this took so long. I am using the relay at the bottom of this post to start and stop my Dewalt with my G-Code (I use UGS, I assume it will work with Easel and Chilipeppr as well)…here is how I have wired it up:

On the power supply where I marked an “A” the positive wire goes to the Arduino header pin 11. The ground wire goes to the Arduino ground.

On the power supply where I marked a “B” the positive goes to the positive relay input and the ground wire goes to the ground input on the relay.

Once wired, the switch on the power supply must be in the logic position, the router plugged into the relay in one of the “Normally Off” plugs, and the router power switch in the “On” position.

In G-Code, the M03 S12500 command turns it on (the router ignores the speed passed, but it needs it to trip the relay)
and the M05 command turns it off.

Makes sense?


I will take a look and see if I get it, let you know.

I wanna build one so bad, someday!

Good things come to those who wait.

But remember, anticipation of having something can be much more stimulating than actually possessing it.


Do you alter something in UGS to automagically send the proper commands when you hit ‘start’ and when the carve ends?

I’m coming from the angle of use Vcarve, which to my knowledge does not put those codes in the gcode file, nor do I want to manually edit every file or type the commands which defeats the purpose of doing this.

You put them in your post processor. There is a footer section that the commands go in.

Search for “vcarve post processor” and you should find the info you need.

The proper commands to start (M3) and stop (M5) the router are placed in the g-code file by the post processor.


Did you get a chance to sketch something up on this?
Many thanks

I never sketched this up…and at this point I no longer use the arduino/grbl controller so I won’t be able to look at what I have now. I switched to the Gecko G540/G251 controller as I added a rotary axis and a laser to my X-Carve.