The Dreaded Circle

Ok I’m just about to give up.

My motors are good, my table is level, my belts are Both at 2.7 lbs per inch, but yet I cannot and have not been able to make a Frickin perfect circle.

Don’t know what elsw to do

Might sound crazy, but can you do a perfect square?

2.7lbs sounds a bit loose. I thought the consensus was more like 3.5-4.5 lbs?

Also, how are your V-wheels?

V wheels are newer, just replaced a month or so ago.

Calibration on steps and also done.

Doing a square I can try.

Welllll the m5 that holds down the belt clip is stripped, f me.

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I bought “speed out” a while back and didn’t get it to work and thought it was a POS but let me tell you that thing is awesome. Got both out in less than a min.

Now to buy more m5 screws. Never have I owned so many of the same diameter screw in my life.

Phil what tension do you have your x belt at? Do you have success cutting .5" and smaller circles

It probably matters what size X-carve you have as far as the tension goes. A 1" rise on the 500mm X-carve will have higher tension than on the 1000mm X-carve.

One simple question… When you draw circle, is your bit joints with beginning point or going someplace else.
If bit comes back to beginning point every cycle, that means you have to run step adjustment for X and Y. One have bigger steps than other,
If bit goes farther than beginning point, you’re loosing steps, consider better belt attachment and adjustment, better voltage settings for your steppers. You can find plenty enough info here especially PhilJohnson have lots of info videos.

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