The dreaded "UPS investigation Email"

So… its a sad day for me, I got an Email from UPS stating that my 1000x1000 mm rail kit that was so diligently next day shipped by Inventables is lost… it was the one remaining piece I needed to complete my build… I have everything else ready…:weary: :sob:

yea, I did they said it went out with 110+ other rail kits on a pallet to the ups shipping center it was either lost or stolen, it never showed an origin scan after the label was created and the pallet left the dock…

They said the only thing they can do is send another kit which will be Tuesday next week because of the holiday… Just sucks because I had 4 days off to play with my Christmas present but now all I can do is look at a pile of parts…they and UPS want to see if it shows up as well…

BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE!!! so I decided to make the best of it, and assemble my x controller, come to find out its missing the back plate and some random washers I think for the fan…

Im starting to wonder if spending 1.5K on this machine was a good idea, the QC is a bit off PAR…for a “hobby” machine of this price, I know everyone here just loves there machines I/m trying so hard to, but Inventables is making it verrrrry hard!!!

I feel for you! That sucks.

I heard through the grapevine that a local FedEx truck got jacked while the driver went into a building for less than 5 min. Police found the truck within 10 blocks… empty. Tis’ the season.

Yeah its crazy, so I got really bored and hooked all all the steppers to the x control and have been listening to what making things on the x carve sounds like… i also confirmed the SSR works off of the pins as was discussed in the other post about relays…

Search: Music on the xcarve.

lol I did , just played matchbox 20 , really loud though cuz the steppers are sitting on the empty wooden xcarve table … :confused:


My first thought: Awwww, that’s so sad! :cry:

Have you read up on all the tips and tricks on setups? Look at the showcase thread for some good ideas.

Say I have an idea.
Why not watch tutorials. I know it sucks as I have ordered a 3d pen and it was supposed to be here 3 days ago but got delayed in customs in the country of origin and here in the us… Holiday shopping should be done in October… Otherwise we will have to wait.
Also if it helps there are tons of videos of people showing you how to use the machine and the pitfalls they encountered. Just don’t take all the video’s negativity to be what you will experience. Follow Phil’s threads and see what he has done. And there is always things you can learn here.
The wait will be worth it.

Amazon congratulated me, told me my backpack was out for delivery by 8pm yesterday…at 9pm last night. Hugs to you friend.