The easel is doesn't see the svg format on my pc

Hello, I have a problem in that, when, I exporting file from CorelDraw it says: “Wrong codes have been found.” what I need to do with it, because I cant open it in Easel, I can see it on my PC but not in Easel.

Can you share the SVG?

@RussellCrawford is a pro with Corel Draw…I’m sure he can help.


Is the file that you’re exporting a vector image? You can save something as an SVG and if its not a vector image then Easel will not open it.
Send it to me and I will take a look at it
Thanks @NeilFerreri1

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Hi, I send the file to you so do you know what the problem is?

When did you send it?

like 10-11 days ago on that email you give to me

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Sorry I didn’t notice it, you had some of the circles combined so I broke them apart and saved the image as an SVG and then imported it into Easel. Let me know if this works our for you

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