The eccentric nuts are prone to work loose, particularly on the Z axis

TIP. I ran my test cut today. About halfway through one of the V wheel assemblies on the Z axis fell off!

Unlike the static wheels the eccentric nut does not lock on. I paused the cut and reattached the wheel.

I have now added M5 nyloc nuts to all of the eccentric nut threads as keepers. Inventables may want to look at this part of the build.


Because might be you didn’t tight it correct way.

When you install it you have to tight screw with allen wrench first, then start turning eccentric nut clock wise until you’re not able to turn wheel easy. When you find spot and you feel like it didn’t tight enough, loose it just a little, tight screw with allen wrench as much as you can, then start turning eccentric until find same tight adjustment on the wheel while holding screw on other side. Believe me, it must be almost death tight. Nylock nut will not help for eccentric nut to turn loose. You will lost wheel adjustments. I also used Locktite for it.

I added “jam” nuts on top of the eccentrics with a touch of blue loc-tite for good measure. Once the v-wheel is in position, vold the eccentric in place with one wrench and tighten the jam nut on top of it with a second wrench.

no loose nuts in this shop! Um, errr, other than the nut holding the wrenches…

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I have put lock nuts on all eccentric nuts so that they would not get loose. so far no problems.

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I noticed that my Z-slide eccentrics were working loose the other day, I just added them to my “check before carving” list. I think they’ll get a drop of purple locktite as soon as I get around to it. I also had a setscrew back out of the Z-axis stepper motor pulley. Not sure if I just failed to have that tightened up properly or something, none of the others has come loose, but just something that might be worth keeping an eye on.

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