The image on easel is not the same as the cut size

hi there, the cut image is half the size as on easel.

Good morning. A couple of suggestions. 1.) if you could share your project this might help understand what is going on, 2.) also sharing the fist 20 lines of the gcode will also help.

Is this a new problem, or a 1 time occurrence? Was everything done in Easel? Or imported gcode to Easel?

First guess is an inch/mm concern.

What machine?

The controller move based on steps (hence stepper motor) and the controller have parameters which tells it how many steps it need to perform to move 1mm. These GRBL parameters are $100 (X), $101 (Y) and $102 (Z)

The values of your controller are incorrect in terms of intended vs actual travel and need to be changed.

You can edit the GRBL parameters by typing in the new value in Easel Machine Inspector, Console window. Example: $100=xxx. As your machine move 1/2 of intended distance the current GRBL parameters need to be doubled. To get the current value type $$ and press Enter in the Console.

@Suzette. I have done several videos on calibration of the xcarve. Here is one that may help you. How to Calibrate the XCarve: Stepper Calibration - YouTube

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