The long wait is on!

Makita RT0700CJ is in the house with 6mm, 8mm and 1/4" collets.
1/8" collet is on it’s way from Elaire Corp.
Special bracket for Makita is on it’s way from @JohnScherer
X-carve is ordered and hopefully soon on it’s way from Inventables.

So, now I am ready for the CNC hobby :smile:

Please help me with urls to recommended alternativs for a good starter router bit set. Flat ends, round ends, up or down or sideways cut and V bits and bytes??
It’s a jungle ot there :open_mouth:


I have been really only using the 1/8" single flute bits sold by Inventables. Found something that worked and just stayed with it!

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I think your going to have a great time with this Anders!

A group of us have a weekly Google+ hangout about X-Carve and CNC Routers in general. We normally do them Saturdays at 6PM Pacific Standard Time, but that would be like 3AM your time. If you would be interested in joining us, let me know what times work well for you and we can try work with that.

The hangouts are posted here on Google+

Thnx :smile:
Hehe, 3am will be a little late, ehh early.
Around 10-12pm could work out fine.

The Google+ url didn’t work for me?

I added you to a circle on our group G+ page “CNC Enthusiasts Anonymous” easier to find it :wink: Doing the hangout around 12-1 pm PST would doable! I’ll keep you posted, and watch the G+ page for the times. When I add the hangout to the page, I will send out invites to all.

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I do 90% of my work with just three bits:

Freud 1/8" Upshear
Freud 1/4" Downshear
Whiteside 60 degree V-point.

With those three, and a couple round-noses if you want to do 3d work, you can make darn near anything!