The new price of Easel

Ya know, this is starting to feel like a bit of BS to me. IT’s almost like needing a subscription to drive a car (which I am sure will happen one day the rate things are shifting…) but come on! Going from $152? or whatever to $233? That’s a lot of crap if you ask me. It’s wrong, they decided to update the features to make things easier, the price should remain the same or at latest have tiers for users who are indie artists trying to make a living off the equipment they bought (which by the way I never realized I had to use their software until after I got the damn thing together. STUPID if you ask me again). * i am sure i will get some haters on here telling me to use this or that, but you know what, keep it to yourself. There are things in life to charge for, like food, housing, but when you buy the power tools at Home Depot do you have to pay a monthly fee to build the shit you build? NO! So, why is this a thing now? It seems really messed up to me personally. AGAIN PERSONALLY (KEEP IT TO YOURSELF if you have nothing nice to say, i don’t care to hear it, or care what you have to say hater)

But really, what do you think about this invisible up charge to this already idiotic fee based software bs.

Well, while I dont agree with the price increase, not doing the research and understanding what you bought is on you and you only. Im gonna be that guy and tell you that YOU DONT have to use easel to use the xcarve. You would already know this if you had bothered to do a little research. At the new price point, it makes more sense to go ahead and buy Vcarve from vectric. Its a 1 time price and it will do things that easel will probably never do.

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I would reiterate your statement that if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself, but that is not at all polite…

We all have our own opinions; we just need to voice them in a controlled and respectful manner!

Nothing is holding anyone to Easel. You can use any GRBL friendly design software and sender that you would like. I can’t say that I agree with the price increase, but it is Inventables’ business decision not mine.

If you want to see something that is ridiculous with respect to how things are going these days, check out what Toyota is doing with their key fob/vehicle remote start feature.

Just remember to keep it calm and civil. Also, try not to tell people to keep their thoughts to themselves while asking them what they think and voicing your own concerns publicly at the same time.


Brandon Parker


Woah, so they are doing it after all all (automotive industry, wow!!!)

Thanks for sharing.

There is always that one isn’t there??? I agree, doing the research is key to everything these days. Lesson learned! But again, you had to do it didn’t have. Blahahahahahaha

Thanks for the tip

And THIS is why I never had anything to do with Easel. (someone else is in control)
Buy Vectric software once and its yours for life.

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