The pc does not recognize the xcarve

who could help the pc does not recognize the xcarve/
what do I do?

Do you have x controller, or g-shield?

Hi, I have g-shield windows 10 and wanted to work on acrylic,

Here are some troubleshooting steps we have put together for this situation. If you want additional help beyond the forum or these help docs you can also contact our Customer Success Team online or via phone at 312-775-7009 sometimes these Windows 10 issues can be tricky.

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Did you ever solve the problem? Iā€™m having the same issue :frowning:

yes inventables sendmi new arduino and new g-shield .


I had the same problem with my x controller. After taking the entire thing apart and checking the wiring, it turns out i tripped the emergency stop button during assembly. Just needed to reset and everything worked fine.