The Problem... The solution

Well, I finally impressed the wife.

Our shower head (one of the fancy ones with a hose) was leaking. I took it apart and discovered over-tightening it will cause an internal part to crack/split (ring that holds an o-ring in place.) Who’d have thought! (The replacement models are being marketed as “unbreakable” on their website.)

I figured I could make a replacement piece out of HDPE that I have and a simple layout of a 1.25" ring that snaps in. It worked like a charm! First try even.

Wife was happy and I showed of the usefulness of the x-carve. Yay me!

(preview didn’t render quite correctly)


During Christmas holiday our washer crapped out, suddenly it wanted to jump out into the corridor. One of the hold-points for suspension springs had been overloaded and it was torn out making the washer drum bang against the cabinet. Half an hr to disassemble the washer, another half at the computer and then half an hr with the CNC. New bolt-on part milled out of 6mm aluminium.

Wife happy :smiley:

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Dont wanna spoil her either… :wink:
But the washer do have two springs (one per side) and I have only repaired one side…!

Quick and easy karma-points potential :smiley:

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