The (un)Official guitar file and Easel project share thread!

No worries Bob! Just wanted to encourage you that you can start carving as soon as you set up your machine with the free app, and THEN decide what fancy other things you want to add to your workflow.

Two other things- definitely get a dust boot and extractor. Making basses makes even more chips and buckets of dust! Finally, test tuner holes on scrap first. Something about the way Easel processes information makes it sometimes unable to make circles. Your mileage may vary. I use it to hog out enough of the material so I can then plunge my reamer in there to finish off the hole.

Happy carving!


That was my sticking point. Easel can send even if it cant generate, and v-carves are by nature “3d” in the sense they move in 3 axis simultaneously.

I believe I may have the largest template collection known to man - I’d like to meet someone who has a bigger one so we can combine forces. Anyway, let me know if you’re looking for something in particular and I will see if I have it. My website has a bunch available for download, but I have tons more just waiting to be checked, sorted, and uploaded. Just let me know the model and I’ll post it up for you if I have it.


@JoelBennett, I think I might be able to fill some vacancy…

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Show me the way!

I should mention that what’s available on the site is about 20% of what I have, just slow to sort and upload everything. But I’m always looking for more :sunglasses:


I was expecting some templates, cmon chris give em over :drooling_face:

Been crazy busy. Sorry.want files or easel project links?



files, PDFs / DXF preferably - everything you’ve got is fine with me :drooling_face:

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Great job! What did you use for the black tubing around your truss rod access hole? and where did you get it?

I’m not sure this German site has been mentioned, as I just skimmed over the entire thread. It has a ton of good drawings that people may be interested in. Some are PDFs some Are DXFs. You have to be able to manipulate the drawings and convert them in other programs if you want to use them for your CNC router.

It’s a rosewood plug, that has the truss access hole drilled out of it. I make them when I make my necks.

Love that! How do ensure the center line of your body is also the center line of the guitar? easy to do when your using MDF templates but havent figured out a way to do that yet on X Carve


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Well, on a body with a laminated top, I actually put the body blank on the machine first, before I glue the top on, and have it engraved a little hash mark at the center, top and bottom (y axis) of the wood. Then I use those lines to line up the top when I glue it on. Since my blank rests in the exact same spot, I don’t have to find a new work zero before I cut the body.

On a solid body, like with a book matched blank, I clamp the blank in and jog over from 0,0 until I get to the center line, keeping careful count of how many mm it is. The I recenter the x-axis of the design to that point

Ok thanks for the info. I’m going to start with roughing out necks. Just do some 2D carving of outline, truss rod channel, tuner holes and the headstock setback - doing a tele style neck.

I’d also heard people will put down a section of mdf on to the spoil board. They then run a cut from their body file that is a small groove that is the center line. They then fasten down the blank with the centerline on that groove. Very similar to how you’d trim a blank with templates. Then the turn off the centerline and turn on all the layers that are the body - outline, pickups, neck pocket, etc. Which sounds somewhat similar

One other question when you jog the machine over so the bit is centered on the centerline of the body and keeping track of how far over you’ve moved, do you use a V shaped bit or a small bit so it’s easier to make sure it’s perfectly centered? Seems like it would be harder to do with a wide end mill to make certain it’s centered.

Yes to both. The Mdf is a good way, as long as the thickness of it and the body wood doesn’t run out of height clearance. And yes, I use a little 60° end mill.

I want to start carving necks on mine, but my experience with fusion 360, and an underpowered laptop is less than stellar

That’s where I’d like to get. But I will say I do like carving necks. But be nice get get some of the heavy lifting done by cnc

I would love to get a copy of that file. Nice work!

Hi Chris

Just wondering if you ever had this problem while carving out a body. It seems likes it’s shifted my wood never moved either. ?