The upgraded X-Carve controller

Is it a new, “non arduino” controller board that attaches to the power supply? Is that the same PSU as is used for the arduino based solution? If so, is there an option for us to purchase the upgrade minus the additional PSU?? I dont need another power supply, but I would like a more robust solution than a arduino daughterboard.

Both the Arduino and the X-controller use the Atmega328P microchip. The X-controller uses a FTDI USB to serial chip instead of the 8U2/16U2 on the Arduino.

Other differences are minor.

While minor, Griffin from Inventables recommends the X-Controller over the G-Shield due to current limitations that under drive the motors:
“the gShield will run the motors, but can only provide around 1.8-2.0A of current to them so they will be somewhat underpowered. That having been said, many people have used a gShield with their NEMA 23s. You’ll probably want to go with an X-Controller or custom driver setup if you want to take full advantage of the motors. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Best, -Griffin.”

I am running NEMA23’s and have had a regular problem with the g-shield and performance of my x-carve. I’m on my second g-shield, and now I have a Y stepper motor not energizing, and am looking at potential ways to make this a more robust solution. If the replacement controller can give me enhanced reliability on these motors, I’m all for it.

That’s true.

I have been running an Arduino/gShield with NEMA 23s for almost two years without any problems.

You can get the X-controller and it will give you more powerful drivers, or you can build your own controller.

I built my own for my second machine.