The work station

Here is a small quick video with no sound of the awesome X=Carve working and the work bench i made for it and my set up. Ill add more pics as i get the cable management finished as it is only partially done.

The top surface is for building and assembly and the beer holder. The lower section is all X-Carve. The PSU is mounted to the side and i have a bucket vac on hangers in the back. It works OK but will work better once i add a dust shoe.

Small Youtube Video

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Would you be willing to share the project file, I was actually thinking about carving my own warning sign just this morning and id love to see how you set it up. Assuming you used easel?

Absolutely. Not sure exactly how to download the file but i managed to get a link through easel LOL

Im a week into learning this stuff so there may be an easier way to do it then I did. I used a 1/16 bit and carved the sign first. then deleted the wording and changed bits to a 1/4 and cut the sign out from the stock. It took just about 3 hours to carve using the default speeds.

The wife asked to paint it so now its on her bench for the final touch.