The x axis seems tight - SOLVED

Howdy… assembling the 1000 xcarve unit. The y axis roll back and forth with little Effort when I push it. The x axis roll… but seems real tight. I am only this far along… and before I do more assembly… just wanted some info.

Thanks… Chuck Lyons

Are your eccentric nuts on the adjustable V-wheels turned to their “loosest” direction? If so, it may be a matter of powder coating in the seating holes making things too tight - just spin the eccentric nuts around a few times (with the carriage off of the gantry) and it should “waller out” any excessive powder coating, then you can take those V-wheels back off, blow out the holes, and re-assemble.

So sorry I forgot to reply. I found that I had a washer on the wrong side of the assembly…and it was pinching the roller. I put the washer on the outside… and that freed it up.

Thanks for your reply… appreciate it.

Glad you found the fix!

Thanks for letting us know what it was - might help others in the future with the same problem.