The X-controller and 262 Oz. NEMA 23's

I’ve just installed the 262 oz motors and turned the current up all the way on my X-controller and it does not appear to have enough juice to drive the 262oz Steppers. I turned off the Idle Current reduction on the X and Y. I measured the Voltage and I’m getting inconsistent readings. I chose to rewire my machine so that I could take advantage of the individual Y-axis drivers.

On the X-axis I get 23-24V across red and white, 14V across Red to Green, and 10V red to black, 10 V from White to Green and 14V from White to Black.

On the y1-axis I only get 5.6 volts from Red to white, 7.5V from Red to Green, 6.5 from Red to Black, white to green is 2.7, and white to black is 2.8.

Y2-axis is different again, with white and red to green and black being under 1 volt, and red to green and black being 5V and 5.5V respectively, which 5.5V between red and white. I’ve checked my wiring everything matches up correctly. Am I missing a setting on the X-controller?

The pot for the y-axis’ appears to be working (effectively 0-5.5V) but the pot for the X-axis appears to do NOTHING. No reduction in Voltage, just flat line 24V.

Is my X-controller faulty or do I need to wire the 262 oz. NEMA 23’s differently?

The Pots will only effect the current not the voltage. The check that it is telling you to do is to put your multimeter probes onto the test points TP4 is ground and then use the red probe on the TP 1-3 next to the pots.

Stepper motors are an inductive load that fluctuates between the pairs for the motor to move. So the voltage will be anywhere between 24v and -24v which will be why your meter is all over the place.

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