The z-axis does not move

Why is the z-axis motor stand still and hacks
it does not want to go either up or down when I tell it to move thru the arrow keys with the mouse


(Sorry about my english, I do not know the right technical word)

Swap it with one of the other motors by changing the wires around. If the swapped motor does the same thing it could be a bad shield.
Mine died on me for no reason. I wasn’t even working on it. Just did some adjustments and it would move but was very noisy.
The other 2 axis are fine.

I tried a differnt motor, and it was the same.
i tried adjust the potentiometer for the z-axis
Nothing happen but…
I saw the small reset button and I pushed it down wile turning on
the power and I think that did the trick
Now it´s working again, cross your fingers

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Yes Sir that worked
I´m back in business

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strange I wonder if it resets the Sram settings?
Your talking about the Arduino/shield reset right?

Yes Sir
the Arduino/shield reset