There a Part list for 1000mm

I guess need new part#???

Bill of Materials on the first page.

Thanks confused on cut lengths of belts still.I try calling tomorrow.
Start by cutting the belt into 3 equal lengths.??? LOL helps if states how long

They ship 12 ft of belt (on the BOM under “Rail Size”)

3 equal lengths from 12 ft is 4 ft each. 4 + 4 + 4 = 12

You’ll still need to trim the belts once you install them but otherwise, cut the one long piece into 4 ft pieces.

Do not have old belt and what I had left over is 39.5" not sure if that is enough. It is what they sent but does not look like enough.

39.5” is most likely not enough. The axis itself is 1000 mm (39.37”) and there’s belt needed to go up and around the stepper pulley. I ordered a 1164 mm and it was just barely enough so I doubt 39.5” is enough.

I figured well I call them tomorrow so I can get new one in before this one breaks all the way in half. Thanks guys no idea what to do with these extra belts that wont work now.

Where did you get them?
Request return for credit!