There has to be an easier way

I’m making a box. Just a box. It’s about an inch deep with the fill just over .75" deep. Then I want to put an imagine in the center of the of the inside. The only way I know how is to set the dimensions to the same settings as the box and let the machine like it’s cutting the image carve down from the full one inch depth of the wood. So, it’s runs for a long time not cutting a thing. So, there has to be an easier way to that. Any suggestions on how?

set a rectangle with a cut depth of .75" deep to cut the box out
ON TOP OF THAT paste the graphic for the image at the bottom, set the DOC for that deeper, like .85"
Easel will do the whole thing in a single session.

The problem I’ve had with that is I need a smaller bit for the inside image and/or text. Using the same bit doesn’t work and changing it before the image carve isn’t very easy. I have to raise the Z then lower it back. Going from a 1/4" bit to an 1/8" for that part is a pain. Unless I’m missing something I’m nit sure what else I can do. It would be very cool to have Easel recognize the need for a bit change to make things like this easier.

oh, so this:

just reply to that thread and ask for access to the feature.
works a treat.

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If you are using Easel, I would center the graphic at 0,0 (be sure to choose the center of the object when setting these coordinates) then home the machine at the center of the box, of course going into the box to the bottom.

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