There is a difference between the computer screen and the actual carving size

  • On Easel’s screen, a square pocket of 15mm x 15mm is processed to be 13.7mm x 13.5mm in actual processing. Even if you change the bit, the situation is the same. So, when I measured the carving size of the 20mm x 20mm / 30mm x 30mm /40mm x 40mm /50mm x 50mm square pockets, they all work about 2mm smaller. I wonder what the problem is.

Hi KimK, most likely the issue is either the cut path is set to “on the path” instead of “outside the path” OR mis-calibration of the CNC machine (see video) OR possibly an issue with the machine rigidity caused by loos VWheels, Or loose Belt Tension or IF your cnc uses lead screws, it could be caused my a loose antibacklash devide.

What Model CNC is this?

In case this is an Xcarve, here is the Xcarve Maintenance info, reference the section about Vwheels and Belt tension: Calibration and Maintenance - X-Carve Assembly

Thanks for reply. My CNC model is X-carve. My Test Setting is [Cut Path - Clear out a pocket & 1/4 Straight bit].

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Can you share the project via the share link?

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