"There is nothing to carve" 1/8 & 1mm end mills


if I want to use two bits, one 1/8 inch bit and one 1 mm bit, Easel tells me that there is nothing to carve. Individually, the bits can carve the design, though. I have cut the same design with the 1/8 bit before.

Does anyone have a tip? Thanks!

Hello there,
how Easel treats 2 bit carve setups is as such:
The Larger bit is used to Rough out Bulk Material from areas that are assigned as “Clear out a Pocket” under the Cut Type. The Larger bit is used for nothing else.

As a result of the bit combo and the popup you’re getting I’m lead to believe that either the pocket areas are either non-existent or so small that the 1mm carves them alone effectively.

IF you want to assign the different sections to different bits you would have to duplicate the project, then delete certain items from one, leaving only the items to carve with one bit and select that bit. And Vice versa on the other copy of the design for the other bit and it’s designs.

IF you’d like an example of this duplicating and setting each “workpiece” up to separate bits, that process is shown in this Flat carve project once the flag is all laid out I make copies and split it up and do bit assignments to each copy just as you’d need to do here.

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Thank you very much! You are right, I wasn’t cutting out a pocket. I’ll take a look at the video and try it for my self. Thank you!

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