There is nothing to carve

I can do a single bit cut but when I try and do a 2 bit cut, 1 rough and then 1 detail, I get the following:
As far as I can tell,I am following Inventables guide lines in doing a 2 bit cut. Why am I getting this error message? I can do the rough cut by itself, which is a simple Christmas ornament, but when I try to add a name and year to the ornament, I get this error message.

Please help.

Kirk Dahl

Sounds like you may be using to large of bit for the detail. Try a smaller bit or a vbit and see what you get.


A preview screenshot of your design would be nice :slight_smile:

But I agree with Wayne, it sounds like the design path (border) is too narrow for your selected tool to fit inside. You can quickly test this by stating a very thin bit diameter / or V-bit as it will fit inside “infinite” narrow paths.


Here is a link to my project.
As you can see I am trying to create an ornament, cutting it out with a 1/8th bit and I want to also add the year and name on it using a smaller bit, .8mm.

The project isnt shared yet, because you need to click Save when the URL is generated. Copy URL, click Save and close. Post URL here :slight_smile:

Sorry, new to this process. I clicked on save this time.

Basically, Easel is trying to use the detail bit for everything. It is using the detail bit for your cutout, and the text is not large enough for the 1/8 inch bit to be able to do any roughing.

You probably want to split this into two cuts: 1) The text with your detail bit, then 2) The cutout with your larger bit.

That is what I have been trying to do. I have been following instructions I found in this forum. Only the Detail is supposed to be using the smaller bit.

Here is the link to the directions I have been trying to follow.

It states to do the larger cuts first.
Do I just need to swap the bits around that I am trying to use?

That is the wrong approach for this. Try this. Two work pieces. Detail only first for the lettering. Then the larger bit for the cutout.

The two stage carve is for when you want to hog out a large area with a larger bit and have a small bit do all the edges. But that doesn’t work for a cutout, it ends up using the detail bit for the cutout, which usually isn’t ideal. I generally separate my cutout into a separate work piece and do it separately.

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I will try it after I get off work. Thanks.