There was an error while loading the design element

HI everyone, and thanks for all of the help I received over the past year.
I am trying to load one particular image from the Pro Design Library. It is a heart with little lines shooting out of it (there are 2 of them, I’ll take either). I keep getting a “There was an error while loading the design element” ERROR that won’t let me load the image. Many of the other images I get when searching “heart” will load, but I want this particular element.

I thank you all for your input and shared experiences.


Have you tried contacting Inventables’ Support? I know there was an issue with this recently for some of the design, but I thought that issue was resolved.


Brandon Parker


I dont know why the hearts wont load but if you scroll down further they have 2 more hearts with the lines coming out. The lines weren’t as thick as the ones you wanted so I used the OffSetter App to add a contour.


Thank you Russell, those will be perfect!

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