There's a whole lot of shakin' goin' on

I’ve replaced my stock spindle with a new induction motor weighing in at 2.5kg. It cuts really well but now I think I’m getting a lot of flex due to the increased momentum of the heavier spindle. I have applied the X stiffening mod of putting 6 bolts between the two maker slides and that has helped a bit with the wobble in the Y direction but now I get a lot of spindle wobble in the X direction. It’s like it’s travelling on rubber bands - all twangy.

Has anyone else experienced this or is using a heavier spindle with or without issues?

Can you post a video? It may help if we can see what is going on.

Yes, I’ll prepare one and post tomorrow.

That’s a good way of describing what my DeWalt-fitted one does under some conditions! I haven’t found a solution for it yet, although I suspect it’s something I’d need to stiffen the Y-rails to stop.

I’ve also seen this problem appear only on the x axis…
Wish I could figure it out, it is very apparent while engraving cast acrylic .02"

I’m still getting the problem especially on the x-axis. I think it’s the y-axis maker slides that are the cause (I think) so I’m wondering if stiffening them with a couple of extra plates connected to the base may help but I’m really not sure what to do about it. I keep looking at it and thinking but I can’t see an obvious cause or solution. Just living with it at the moment and hoping for inspiration. I think upgrading the spindle exacerbated the problem.