Things I wish I did

Hello I am new to the community, I am still patiently waiting for my xcarve to arrive! I was curious of any preparation steps I should make before it arrives anything you wish you would have done before your machine was delivered and put together thank you and happy carving

Well it can’t hurt to read over the assembly directions once before you get them.

X-Carve Instructions: Welcome! (

Hello Michael and welcome to the forum,
A good table for the X-Carve to sit on. Order a couple extra sets of brushes for the router, they last 150-200 hours and if you use you X-Carve a lot that may only be 6 months. Also people break belts usually because they’re to tight, people use a fish scale in the center of the belt with the belt raised 1 inch you should have 3.5 - 4 pounds of pull. So order some brushes, order you an extra belt and build your table


Great advice Russel. I built the table before the X-carve arrived but wish I had waited a little bit more to have the actual machine. The physical dimensions mentioned in a few places is not exactly right - the motors stick out from the sides relative to the footprint so I had to make some adjustments to the table.

Also learnt to order belts and brushes AFTER they broke the first time. Didn’t have to wait long as they’re available on Amazon Prime.

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