Things that make you go 'what the h***'

a few problems. 1st. in easel trying to just type in a name it changes the width. I put in 9 inches and lock it and when I
type it expands to 130 inchs. if I try to backspace it trys to leave the website. trying to carve it will sometimes not lift the
router when you get to that point, and a few times it would lower the bit instead of lifting it. after trying to change the depth of cut to fine tune it my name that I was trying to cut disappeared? or is left with only 1 letter am I a dumbass or am I having a software problem

I also get the “are you sure you want to leave this website” notice when I use the backspace.

I get the same error sometimes when I use backspace. I can get it to stop by using a different browser.

A stuck key maybe what it was, It did seem to show up intermittently. I just spent some time trying to get it to happen again. Nope. What’s odd is that it has happened on my old laptop as well as my new one. Who knows? I never considered it a problem, just a bit of a nuisance.

Firefox. But chrome is the only browser that supports multi-thread cpu’s.
Firefox is due for an update that will include that.