Think twice before going to the hardware store!

Hey everyone I wanted to share a quick video that I made showing a technique on making wooden dowels for your projects on the cnc machine.

imagine that your are working late at night and find yourself needing some dowels or even some specialized dowels that you can’t buy in the hardware store. Well no problem you have a cnc machine throw your vise on the machine put in a block of wood and go crazy.

On the x-carve this would work great if you quickly removed the waste board or cut a slot for wood in it

I hope you like the video and I would love to hear all of your thoughts on the video



Great idea, I’d never thought about something like that before! I keep wanting to make videos that show how the CNC is more than just a project machine, it can be a support machine as well. When I make my video showing how I made a table saw insert, I’ll mention this video and throw in a link (if I remember, that’s gonna be at least 2 weeks out…).

hey robert I really appreciate it.

I sent you a pm message

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Would the z-axis on the x-carve limit you on doing this?

looking at my X-carve it would limit you just a little if you tried to use the drill press vice and make 1" dowels out of the 4" tall material I was using

but its all on how you set up your material on the x-carve if you set it up right the X-carve is defiantly able to cut these dowels with its z-travel

and depending on how your x-carve is set up i have seen people cut out many things on the end grain of board even 4 or 6ft long using there x-carve. I know for people using there x-carve to make like dove tail joints they usually remove the spoilboard or cut a pocket into spoilboard so they are slip a board through the machine.

I would imagine though with waste board in place you could place a 1.5" board on end and cut 1" dowels out of it all day long with the x-CARVE

Awesome! :grinning:

yeah let me know what you come up with I would love to see it done on the x-carve I just shot the video on my big machine because for filming I just can’t beat the wide open spaces lol

Very Cool! As I watched the video, two things came to mind. One is this guys X-carve Mod with a B&D workmate.

and two, dowels with built right in. Either on axis or off axis for cams

And… Clip your finger nails if yours looks like these, for better video viewing. :astonished:

His day job looks to be in the mechanical (automotive) field. The smucked thumbnail is a giveaway.

I used to be a CAT Diesel Tech in the Power Systems Division but that was about 3 years ago lol but I was working on a car earlier that day

but I will call and get a appointment for a mani/pedi first thing today!


what you mean smucked thumbnail?

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The dark spot in the middle of the nail looks like what mine has in the past when my thimb wasnt in the right place at the wrong time. Like when the bandsaw blade broke and the end tried to impact the table but my thumb was in the way. (THAT HURT!..alot).

Edit: After looking at the vid again,I guess it could be paint or sharpie residue…

But anyhoo, I’m all done with the critique of your fingernails as it’s entirely off topic and mine dont always look any better. Yours are the fingers of a person who isnt afraid to get a bit messy in his proffssional or recreational life and for that I applaud you.:clap:

oh yeah haha yeah was a rough morning for sure but nothing compared to when my big toe encountered a brake pad off a semi truck from about 6 feet in the air its been about a year and the nail is just starting to grow back lol…I feel the pain!!

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very valid point though something I didn’t think of just as you dress appropriately for different functions if your going to do a video with your hands close up make them a little decent

I didn’t know you’re doing different job getting your hands dirty. My apologies. I thought you do only woodworking.
I was there back about 40 years, spending an Hour to brush my hands with no success.
I’m an electro/mechanical engineer, after all those years I choose Woods as a hobby.
That was the main reason stay out of oil dirt. Again, no offence, I apologies. :relaxed:


oh no your fine I like the feedback its really invaluable for making better and better quality videos its all a learning experience and progression

but yeah I feel your pain I used to hate having my hands cut up consistently by working on things lol I look at for example after many many years of working with his hands and not taking care of them he has no feeling left in them and even struggles to open a drinking straw so any steps that you can take while you are young are going to thank you in the future