Thinking about a mash up of Xcarve and CNC Router Parts PRO4848

I’m thinking about buying just the frame of a CNC Router Parts PRO4848 for about 4 thousand. And combining that frame with the dewalt router, nema motors, and xcontroller from my Xcarve. That way I get a more rigid and robust frame while saving some money on the electronics. Seems like folks around here are modifiying their xcarves with aftermarkets parts from ebay(or custom made parts from other users on this forum) to make their xcarves more rigid, accurate, and precise. Although that’s a good way to upgrade the Xcarve with out spending too much money, it seems like you end up with a frankenstein xcarve that looks more hobby level DIY CNC system. I want to try a different upgrade path that allows me to salvage the money i spent on the Xcarve and have a professional looking CNC system that is just as rigid and robust as high end CNC systems like shopbot. I’m curious if anybody here has gone down this upgrade path before. Or if I should just sell off the Xcarve and buy the complete PRO4848 package for over 7 thousand.

I think hindsight is 20/20… :slight_smile: if I had it to do over again, I’d probably just do the PRO4848, however I am a fan of the GRBL shield and Arduino, so I don’t think I’d want to switch to a more expensive controller, but of course I wouldn’t know that if i’d started w\ Mach.

I’m forced to pinch pennies, so for me, the XC as-is, followed by small upgrades over time as needed worked well for my budget.

As I sold more stuff it helped finance my addiction to upgrades… so there’s that to consider.

The NEMA motors for the Xcarve may not have enough torque to move the other frame at speeds you’re used to. The smallest motor they sell for NEMA23 is a 380 oz-in which may mean the stock Xcarve motors won’t get anywhere close to the performance and you could potentially actually lose performance due to the new motion system.

I have their Dewalt mount on my linear Z…it’s nice and I like it a lot.

Solid plan, I’d consider the Standard kit over the PRO, not sure how much benefit the extra $1500 would give.

My next CNC, if I ever get one, will probably be a PRO60120.

If I was going that route I’d ditch the DeWalt and go either with the makita 700 or better yet the Hitachi M12vc which is 2 1/4 h.p. and runs at about 8000 rpm’s to 27,000 rpm. The DeWalt is one of the worst choices for a cnc router that you can have. It’s to fast, It’s more expensive to purchase and maintain, and it’s not as good as a performer than either the Makita or the Hitachi on a cnc router. I own all three of the above routers so I m able to test and compare them.

Router vs spindle, for a commercial-intended CNC system I would go for a VFD (Air or water cooled) spindle without a doubt.

Thanks for your guys input. I decided I’m gonna wait and save some more money so I could afford the complete package from CNC router parts.