Thinking About Pulling The Trigger On This Set

I’m going to be doing a lot of engraving and sign making. A little pricey but seems like just about everything I need. Anyone have any thoughts?

I have seen on here people using the insert v bits with good success. Has anyone used the In-Groove system that comes with this set before?,0

We have tried it, but it was not balanced good enough for our 45,000 RPM spindle. The small tip would wobble and cut a wide path.


Do you think it would work with the Dewalt 611? Thats what I am currently using. 16,000 rpm.

A couple of the tools in the first set listed are 1/2" shank which would be unusable in your DeWalt 611. It might be cheaper to purchase just those bits you can use, as separate items.

My bad. I linked the wrong set :poop:

The second link you sent is good tool for different replacement knives. I have 3 different knives for it. Works great. Didn’t have problem for vibration on either Dewalt or Makita. Using speed 4 on both. Two cons… 1- Loud noise spinning, 2- 30 degree one dropped to oak work surface while changing the bit, dives into wood because it is heavy tool and sharp tip, then I didn’t pay attention picking up, broke the tip of it. But general speaking, great tool to have.

This is the one we have with a 1/4" shank.

It’s rated at 28,000 RPM, so it should work with your Dewalt.