Thinking about purchasing the 1000mm..question is would you do it again?

Newbie here I have been looking at axiom, piranha and Shark. How does this compare? can this machine use the laser engraver and digital duplicator from next wave?

Nothing specific against the X-Carve, it’s a fantastic machine for the price, but I’ll never buy anything with wheels or belts again.


If I was in the exact same situation, absolutely.

Based on what I’ve learned, experienced and the dose of reality from using it, I’d probably still buy it due to the price point.

There’s nothing wrong with the design. It works. Is it the best? No but it’s a $1500 kit machine. It’s so easy to hack/modify as well.

I don’t know of another machine that has this gradual of an intro to CNC other than maybe the SO3.

Using the machine and this community really helps get a foundation of CNC concepts so the next machine purchased is more aligned with reality/expectations/business needs.

People outgrow the Xcarve because it allows for a good foundation which lets them grow.


I totally agree with Justin.

Hey @JeremyBeck we designed Easel and the X-Carve to be a very easy on ramp to the whole field. If you are just getting started you’ll be able to learn the ins and outs. The analogy I have sometimes made is to flying aircraft. Pilots start with a Cessna and manual control, then move to instruments, then jets then later a 777.

Starting with a 777 is challenging because you are learning so many things your first time flying.

That being said it really depends what your budget is, what you are trying to do, and how much experience you are bringing into the situation.

In addition to the tremendous community we also offer free videos at and technical support M-F 9-5 at 312-775-7009.

I’ve also seen folks start with an X-Carve and after a year upgrade to a more powerful machine. Some folks keep them running side by side while others sell the X-Carve or donate it to a school, FIRST Robotics team, or makerspace.

There is no wrong answer here. Welcome to the community it will be a fun adventure.