Thinking about selling 1000 x 1000 Xcarve with Jtech laser set up in NJ

Just trying to gauge some interest… I have a 1000x1000 xcarve in good shape with x controller, and 40w Jtech laser,

I’m Located in NJ

What is the going rate now of days?

Wasn’t aware Jtech offered a 40w laser? I’m sure that upgrade wasn’t cheap.

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IDK what was on my mind when I wrote that. Must have been looking at 40w Lasers.

Its a 3.8 laser

I’ve been looking into a Xcarve, what is your price, and will you ship to Indiana 46614?


Let me know what you are thinking of selling and for how much. I could pick up in NJ. Where in NJ are you located?


Interested ASAP ! Are you selling !

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