Thinking of Buying 1000mm X-Carve: Working With Metals?

Point of interest. The material thickness of choice is .1875" or 4,762mm. 4mm or .1574" is under size enough that I think you are going to see problems. I am guessing that you live some where other than the US and only have metric materials available to you. I don’t know if you can get 4,5mm material but that would be much closer to what is being used here is the US.
Using 4,5mm material would still require moving one set of Vwheels out by ,25mm and I think you may be able to find washers in that thickness.
I don’t know if you can order .1875" material online and have it shipped to you with out the shipping killing you but that may be an idea for not having to mess with having to move on set of Vwheels.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the info re the correct measurement. I’m in Australia so metric only. 4.5mm would be closest standard size but not readily available in my part of the country.
I might be better off getting 5mm (or 6mm which is more common) and getting it milled down to the required thickness. If I do that, I’d probably go with steel.


Having a piece of material machined or ground to the 4,762mm thickness would be a good way to go living in Australia.


It’s slowly going together!. The gantry is assembled and adjusted (sort of) and the gap between the Makerslides measures at 4.52mm. I should note that this machine is not from Inventables but from a local supplier so some components may be slightly different… The washers measure in at 1mm and the aluminium spacers are 7.9mm. ( just realised that the spacer size makes no difference to the spacing of the Makerslide :blush: )
I’m hoping that the adjustment is OK as 4.5mm would be an easier size to source steel/aluminium bar.
I’m going to need a bigger table :smile:

I see that your MS is not black but other than that the end plates and carrage look the same. I can also see the Y end plates and the Z axis motor plate laying on the table and they look the same.

And yes it looks like you will need a bigger table before you are done. :smiley:


Sorry, not the best image. All the components are made from the Grabcad files, off shore somewhere I believe. I already had the Makerslide from a short lived attempt to make it in Australia a couple of years ago. Apart from the colour, the machine is the same as an X-Carve (but called the XYZ-Carve).
There are a few changes, tapped Makerslide instead of self tappers, wiring might be a bit different as the steppers I have, have 4 metre long wires and the spindle mount is a work in progress.
A piece of 1200mm square MDF will fix the table and later become the spoil board.

Got to love open source :smiley:
Big thanks to Inventables for making the X-Carve design available.

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Does any one know if it will carve/engrave other metals then just aluminum? Sorry, Very new here and just looking at options.
Thank you and God Bless, Kelsey Peters

works very well on brass as well. I’ve cut 22 guage sheet metal (cold rolled steel) with mixed result and probably will not try that one again although I’ve seen others post images making cuts into 10" used radial saw blades.