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As a Cnc programmer/operator in the custom kitchen industry for 11 years now. My question is, should I start right away with v carve or easel

Hello and welcome Denis. Good question. A lot of users here would say it all depends on the type of work you want to accomplish. V-Carve can certainly do anything Easel can. But, does Easel do everything you need. Prior to making your purchase, you can start working with Easel right away. The preview window will show you what you carve will look like. V-Carve has a demo too.

If you are leaning towards relief carving then this is where V-Carve will be your choice. I’d say play around with Easel a bit. I found it easy to work with and meets most of my needs. Easel Pro offers a few more features and is free 4 days a month, or for a small fee is you find it meets your needs…

And, if you have some time, take a look at phillip Lunsford’s series of videos (PawPaw’s Projects). He showcases a lot of projects just using Easel. and how he did it.

Link to: Paw Paw’s Projects

There are many talented users on the forum who also make great videos. Steve Maloney has done some amazing stuff with PVC. This thread can be found here: Steve’s Projects

Share your ideas and see what others have to say.

Good luck.


Thank you !!

@DenisLevert. If you have the opportunity to look at my YouTube channel you may see many of the things that Easel can do.