Thinnest cut?

What realistically is the thinnest cut I can make with an X-Carve. In playing with Easel I see a lot of “red” in some of my playing. I would like to do some fairly hi-detail 2D work (cutting out wood silhouettes) and I’d like to know just how intricate the cuts can get. Thanks and sorry for the baby question.

You can make some pretty crazy intricate cuts depending on the size of the milling bit your using, type of material, and how detailed your drawing is in Easel. I have used a 1/32 inch or .7938mm fish tail bit in my Shapeoko 2 with great results.

The width of your cut is dependent on the bit you are using. The reason you are seeing red in Easel is the diameter of your bit is larger than the width of the area you are trying to cut. The red indicates that the bit can’t cut that size.

You can go down to a 1/32" bit, a fish tail bit, or an engraving bit that comes to a point for detail work. In Easel you can change the bit size in the machine menu.

Thanks for your help.