This assembly process is completely assanine!

An now these young whippersnappers are complaining about have to solder some pins. Oh, what I would have given to have had a soldering iron. I remember having to rub two sticks together till they got hot enough to melt some lead.


I think I was 10 years old when my dad purchased a color TV kit from Heathkit. As I remember it the kit was of hundreds of boxes of discrete components (resisters, capacitors, tubes, transformers) and empty circuit boards. After we laid it all out on the dining room table (to the horror of my mother) and started the basic assembly we quickly learned that we needed an oscilloscope. So it was back to the Heathkit store to purchase the oscilloscope kit. We leaned a lot putting that together first. I actually learned to solder putting that oscilloscope together,

We just use an UNO screw shield between the UNO and the Gshield. No soldering required. :smiley:

Everything was harder back then before the war… :smile:

These guys nailed that:

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I just picked up one of these for my build, that way I can put on the low pass filter for the limit switches on here as well, as detailed and

As noted though, I did have to solder all the thru hole parts on.

Yea, that’s surly a better option, but for our Shapeoko 2 Laser engraver, we don’t need any limit/home switches.

Been reading this post from the beginning, but have held my tongue as it sometimes gets away from me when I get annoyed with stupid people and their remarks. I’m glad you guys said what I was thinking, and in a much nicer way I’m sure. This is a great forum, with good people that help to make our hobby more enjoyable. Don’t think we deserved any of those negative comments, and I for one won’t be helping that person any time soon. There…off my chest, now I feel better and can go back to making sawdust. :relaxed:


I have a plaque in the shop, that when ever I get frustrated I take a look at it and start again.

I think Kevin could use one.


I love that sign…awesome!

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Thanks Erik. Made it because of Kevin’s post so I don’t throw things. :smile:

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HAHA! Isn’t that the truth, thanks for the laugh!

Perhaps my post came off a bit harsh. I’ve been cutting parts on CNC’s (Fanuc, HAAS & Mori-Seiki mostly) for 20 years, so it was nice to see something that I could possibly use at home that doesn’t require 3-phase to tinker with and build some of these crazy ideas I’ve had for quite some time. I didn’t buy it to be a tinker toy project, so it’s just been frustrating getting this thing going. I’m sure it will all be forgotten once I finally start cutting parts.

Thanks to those who had some genuine support to offer. Venting is good for the soul…as is blasting stuff with centerfire projectile launchers! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome! If you have any questions please ask…we are here to help.

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Hey @KevinSmith first off welcome to the community. I’m sorry that you got frustrated we all know that feeling. Please keep in mind we are all here to help and support you. You can post questions to the community forum here and get one on one help from Inventables Customer Success team.

Also the Carvey machine does come assembled and is a bit more of a “plug and play” experience.

Warm regards,


I can understand you feeling frustrated but just be patient and don’t give up because once you have your X-Carve built and tuned and running you’ll be very pleased. Inventables Team is great and willing to help. Look at this forum and how many great builders there are, and how quick people respond to help. Remember, this is a DIY kit you purchased and I don’t feel misled about a thing, because the idea of this kit is to build it and customize as you like. It’s an open source DIY. You’ll have other challenges like the belts needing adjustment till the stretch and settle, the V-Wheels needing adjustment. Be patient and expect some small challenges but it will work well and be rewarding

Got an easel file for that puzzle sign? I love it.

Here ya go Frosty…



Good one!!!

Did you create the puzzle pieces or grab an online graphic?

Started with a vector graphic I had from one of my purchased graphics clip art programs. Scaled it up and made new end and side pieces and from there I could position individual pieces as I need.

Cool! Nice job!!!

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