This is a ridiculous money grab

I have been using my Easel software with my XCarve for a couple of years now and overall I have been happy. I’m not a fan of having to pay for “pro” fonts that are actually just available for free on Google, or for having to pay for using a V-bit but I have put up with it and paid for the Pro features as needed. But things have now gone a bit too far. I just went to carve a simple keyhole cut in a sign and I get a message that I have to pay Inventables $20 to do what might be the most simple of all CNC cuts. The bit literally plunges .29”, moves forward for 3/4”, moves back and raises back up. That’s it! No complicated shapes or math going on here. And yet my Easel is telling me all of a a sudden that this is a “Raster Filling” function that requires me to have a Pro account. I have made hundreds of these in the past and it never cost a dime. Can someone please explain why this is now a thing. It feels a lot like Inventables is just taking a money-grabbing dump on us hobbyists.

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Well, You are not required to use the Easel software & there are other options if the value from Pro is not there for you. That said, if you’ve got a grandfathered account then you have 4 free pro days per month and you can always export the gcode on one of those days, then send it on other days… also the fonts simply need to be uploaded on a free day, used and then a combine function to change them. From text into vectors & they carve just fine without pro…

The keyhole app doesn’t require Easel Pro. Check and make sure you don’t have raster method selected, both X and Y raster method require Pro.
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Along with what @RussellCrawford said above, you likely have Fill Method set to Raster. You need to change it to Offset as shown below.

If you create new workpieces they inherit settings so maybe that it how Raster was set in the first place…?


Brandon Parker

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Sorry, this is the only way I could figure out how to post something cause it’s not very clear how to start a new thread and I’m new to all this. My question is related to making boxes with the dogbone plugin. I’m trying to build a square box but on one of the ends, I need it to be angled out kind of like what you would think of looking at a WWII landing craft shape. Is this possible to do with the dogbone feature for all of the edges? I’m fine if the edges stick out a little as I can just trim them off. Thanks

Same her Jeff, I have used a straight end mill for everthing, today, it wants me to upgrade to pro. Tried to turn raster off, wouldnt let me, even if i highlighted the other. I had to use one of my free pro days for one little project. It is shameful. I think they reset my setting so i have to use pro, but cant find where to turn it off.

Something yall are using falls into the Pro category in this list.
If you want you can share the project by going to File>Share and change from Private to Unlisted and copy that link. Its only a copy of the design showing ALL aspects of the design file … I’ll go in and determine what you have in there that is pushing it to Pro and give ya a quick report on the findings… email to cncseth@gmail if you like to keep it more private :man_shrugging:

Hi @JeffRevell & @JohnBowen—to echo Seth above, would you mind sharing your projects so we can look into the problems you’re having? Thanks!