Those Pesky Spline / Curve Joining Issues

Hi All.
I’m trying to cut a simple shape - A DXF exported from Fusion 360.
The problem is, the curves won’t allow the line to close, so I don’t get the inside / outside option for my silhouette.

I’ve tried suggestions on this forum, like the Billy Mayes post with that Autodesk tolerance plugin, but alas, no luck.

Does anyone have any magic for this issue? It should be so simple, and yet I can’t join the lines to cut. I feel pretty dumb to be stuck on something so basic.

Thanks very much.

To follow up, I found a solution that worked for me – Autocad. It’s not sustainable for me as I’m working with an educational license that will run out soon, but if anyone is in school it might help you out.

I brought the dxf from Fusion 360 into Autocad and followed the following process:

Clicking modify > icon > line > enter to convert (on all curves).
And milling the part now.


Just as a reminder, the Fusion 360 plugin did not work for me (following)

If anyone has a better workflow I’m all ears :slight_smile:

You might have better luck doing the tool path generation (CAM/Manufacture) in F360 and simply export the finished gcode?


That’s a great idea, and I was actually trying it.

For some reason when I created a new set up in Fusion and tried to make a 2D contour (profile? not at my machine) I wasn’t able to find a way to make the tool path go the full way down the 20mm stock.

That’s my bad having been away from Fusion for a while, but you’re right, that’s a good solution for the future :smiley: