Thought this is the ultimate ironic image


I reminds me of making my first carve, tring to make part clamps with no clamps :stuck_out_tongue:


Hah, very familiar. My first carve was the airflow diverter to use so I wouldn’t lose my mind while I was carving the dust shoe next. :wink:

At least you have a shield along the rail. Now that’s a mess :smiley:

I did very simple cut from the plywood first, install it temp. then start cutting real deal without these mess.

Hah, yeah, I threw together a temporary cardboard dust shield when I was making my first shoe cuts, bit of a Catch-22 :slight_smile:

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Also I don’t see any reason to use 1/4" bit for cutting that material. Bigger the bit bigger the mess. I always use 1/8" single flute for plastics on fast feedrate, slowest RPM and shallower depth. If it makes sense.