Thoughts on baltic birch as wasteboard?

Hey all,

Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on 3/4” Baltic birch for the wasteboard. It actually won’t be a wasteboard per say.

We use another wasteboard on top of the inventables one when we are doing cut through carves, so assuming the Baltic birch stays flat it would never be replaced.

Humidity here in the summer is brutal and the mdf swells , then shrinks again in the fall. Not evenly , which is the big problem.

Any thoughts or other ideas are appreciated.

I used a 1/2" birch ( I think it was birch from Lowes) ply panel on my Xcarve when I upgraded it from a Shapeoko2 to current XC specs. I placed metal threaded inserts every 6 inches. I wish I’d gone every 4 in retrospect. Clamping is more of a challenge with fewer inserts.

The ply works well. I had extra extrusion from the S2, so I made more of a lattice underneath with it for better support. This is before the threaded inserts. I used some pine on the side board to hold up the x controller and the wiring harness.

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I sure don’t see why not. Especially if you’re putting another thin sacrificial piece on top of it for cut throughs.

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Thanks for the reply, this has been most helpful !

That’s what I was thinking and the stuff we use is BB/BB 13 ply so it should stay flat.