Thoughts on Hemlock?

Has anyone here done any projects using Hemlock? I have had a piece for a long time and finally threw it on my router yesterday and much to my surprise, it machined really nicely with VCarving and a profile cutout. I would love to hear thoughts on Hemlock? Longevity, machining experience, resistance to sunlight, rot, bugs?

I hope it has no relation to what Cleopatra used.

I would use a dust mask just in case.

Only half joking this time.

Hemlock here in the Northeast is primarily used in construction. I have an Amish built shed where Hemlock planks were used. It’s from the Pine family. I’ve never used it on my Xcarve but I would imagine it would mill similar to any Pine.

Hemlock is not actually related to the hemlock tree, which is in the pine family, and not at all poisonous.

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I was being a bit of a smart a$$ (as usual) but I honestly wasn’t sure.

Thanks @LarryM

I had to look it up. :grin:

There can always be more than one class clown…