Thoughts on the the Workbee CNC

Really interested in getting an X-carve, but then I came across this.

Whats your thoughts?

However the community here seems to be by far the biggest asset for getting the X-carve.

So, this is just my $.02, but I’ve built 3 cnc machines now, and dealt with reprap and 3d printers for years and I am fully convinced that the inventables forum is what makes the Xcarve a great experience.

You can find books, plans and videos on building your own cnc, and several sites sell kits and parts with “support”, but until you’ve spent 3 hours trying to get a carve “just right” you won’t appreciate all the helpful folks here.

I’d recommend reading the ENTIRE forum, it’s a good investment, then look for what these other kit builders supply that’s similar, and I think the difference will be pretty obvious.

Now, if you have a cnc already, or cnc experience and can base the decision solely on the price of physical hardware, then I’m sure you’ll find slightly lower price options available…

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Thanks for your reply.
My thoughts where mostly on the screw instead of the belt option.

I have been reading this forum for the last couple of months…and its a GREAT read :smile:

Dont have any cnc experience yet but been learning alot from this community.
So when I get my CNC I will have a running start :smile:

The control electronics are a bit wimpy on that machine.

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I have belt, I ordered a screw update, but cannot comment on that yet.

As for upgrades, a torsion box or stable base is a must have, and I upgraded the Z axis, but my endorsement of this forum being the most valuable feature of the XC stands :slight_smile:

I would agree with @DarrylKegg, the forum and helpful folks here made the decision for me. I too was going to build an Ooznest; even swapped emails with the guys to see about shipping, etc. When it came time to make the final decision… @PhilJohnson’s voluminous/copious amounts of helpful posts and instructions cinched the deal. :wink:

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Ordered the XC 1000 yesterday. Cant wait to start carving! :slight_smile:

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Change mine to mach3, now no problem.