Thoughts on upgraded to Easel / Easel Pro during holiday rush


Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on having upgrades (not bug fixes) to Easel at this time of year.

Our machines are now running every day full days and we can’t afford any weird changes or bugs, that could cause any down time or drawn out support issues.

Remember back in the days when you could choose when to update your software…



One of the many reasons I don’t use Easel for anything.

The ability to control your exposure/risk to Easel updates is an excellent example of a good possible Easel Pro feature - highly important to business users, unimportant to hobbyist users.

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Yes ! exactly!

Also give us a list of what is included in the update and let us decide to load it now or load it when things are more convenient.

Did miss something?
Did Easel push out an update?

Twice this week that I am aware of.

They update it all the time with bug fixes and new features. In some cases you probably would not even notice.

How are you aware of any updates?
Are they automatically installed or are you asked to install?
Maybe this applies to Pro which I have not subscribed to.

Normally I don’t know unless I see an obvious difference in how something is working.

If it is a new feature that is pretty big Inventables will normally post here after they have updated.

Any other updates just get loaded and there is no list of changes as far as I am aware.