Three Easel Suggestions

  1. Do not select outline when selecting objects inside outline.
    Example: Create rectangle, select outline, outside, place two objects inside the rectangle, select the two objects using the mouse with left button/drag, the rectangle is selected also. I do this when I need to move the objects inside the rectangle or need to align them.

  2. Provide a way to change the autosave feature. On a slow machine or slow internet connection, it disrupts dragging objects. I would prefer an autosave when I hit the carve button and/or at a certain interval.

  3. Provide feedback (“Generating detail toolpath” with progress) during detail bit toolpath generation. If the carve is highly detailed, this step can take a while and nothing is displayed on screen - the window is only disabled. The first time this happened, I thought my computer had locked up.


Regards Steve’s number 2 suggestion regarding ‘autosave’, I would prefer that no saving occur until I tell it to save using a new entry in the ‘file’ menu. That way if I want to revert, I simply reload the file. At the moment, I have to make copies and then keep careful track as to which file is the latest with acceptable changes. I also worry what happens if an autosave fails in the middle. Likely my file would be wiped out.

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How about they allow the use of probing commands to zero your machine with a touch plate in Easel.


Yes Charley! I knew there were four things I wanted to suggest.

Four: Use of probing commands to zero your machine.

A while back I sent a msg to Zach Kaplan about this. He said that the Easel gurus were looking in to this but I haven’t heard anything since.

I only have one voice but if enough people started asking then I am sure that they would act.

… and number 5.

An Easel version number with changelog.