Thumbs up for customer service!

I just wanted to offer a SERIOUS thumbs up to Inventables! Too often we hear about companies that don’t do the right thing, but NOT Inventables! I’d just purchased a ShapeOko2 (like a week before they stopped selling 'em and offered the X-Carve) and long story short, the gShield died after about 3 hours of use. I had emailed their help address asking for assistance with trying to troubleshoot the issue. To the credit of Zach and his crew there at Inventables, John the Customer Service guy offered to send me a replacement, without my even asking! I have offered to send the initial gShield back for QC inspection.

So, seriously, thank-you y’all! I’m sure you’ve seen your share of customers who’ve done stupid stuff with hardware and claimed “I didn’t do anything.” when in fact, they had. Well, I didn’t, but you don’t KNOW that, and y’all stood behind your offered products and earned some serious customer satisfaction today. I’m letting all my fellow makers know, and wanted to post that here as well for others to see.


Thanks for the kind words :smile:

I saw this note on Facebook as well and passed it along to the CS team. They work pretty hard and it’s always nice to see them get some recognition!


Had to revive this post to agree with it.

Finest customer service I’ve encountered, you guys are the best.