Tight DeWalt 611 Precision Grade Collet


i am not over tightening the outer collar - so i think? - def no brute force but i do not want it coming loose! - when i change bits… the inner chuck is a booger to get out - i am using a pair of small channel locks to gently hold on to the piece and with me right hand give it a quick slap down to get it to pop out of the DeWalt - seems like its not the best way it should be done -any suggestions, tricks or tools that i should learn about would be very helpful so i don’t break something!

I have been having the same problem. I found this other thread that seems to solve it. I’m stuck at work, so I haven’t tried yet, but it makes sense given the design of the collet/nut. Good luck!

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The details in the linked article should fix your problem. I had no permanent damage to my collet after seating it properly, and it has been working ‘normally’ ever since.

Great - will put the channel locks down and give this a try!!

Try using the Elaire collet.


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Thanks SteveLittlepage! That did it. It also explains why the stock collet on the DeWalt would have that extra resistance after half a turn. You saved me a lot of hassle.

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