Tight spots in the V wheels

I was doing some more tuning on the X Carve and I noticed as I was setting the tension on the V wheels that as I turned them there would be a spot where I could hardly turn them at all but once I got past that point they would move normally. This only seems to be with the wheels on the x carriage. Has anyone else had this issue? Also it seems like at least one of the makerslide extrusions on the x axis is not square, as in a bad extrusion, not as in I didn’t square it. It seems warped. I have not yet done the stiffening mod but am hoping that I can straighten it then.

This sounds very close to the problem I have. Does it happen in just one place or multiple?

Close. With my issue however I don’t need to move the X carriage. I can leave it in one spot and spin the V wheel with my fingers and find the tight spot. Its almost like the wheels are not perfectly round or they have a rough spot in the bearing.

I had the same issue, I called them about it and they said there were some bad ones in a few batches. They shipped me a pack of new wheels to try. Although, I haven’t had the chance to put them on since our new addition to the family.

Give them a call though, their support is top notch as far as I have experienced.