Tiled piece does not cut full width

I am working on a piece that is 40" along the Y-Axis and 21" along the X-Axis. When I draw this out in Easel it shows a purple line around the area that is 1" less than the full 21" and will not cut past that purple line when the carving begins. Can any one relate and help me to remedy this issue?

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how about sharing your project?

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So the width is being limited to 20" when you need it to carve 21"?

You may need to ajust the work area setting by going to Machine>Edit Machine and saving it to a wider setting.

Sharing the file wouldn’t hurt either :+1:

didn’t know I could do this…thank you

Hey Joshua! It took me a few hours to get back on here, But in this (kinda)quick video I think I covered the cause of the purple line here and how you might be able to change it, depending on what model CNC you’re using and what options you might have to carve this. . .

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