Tiling alignment

using the tiling feature in Easel, I carved this sign but on the second tile the alignment was off, what am I doing wrong?

How much is it off by?

about 1/8" I’m using a 90 degree V-bit so it noticeable

Have you squared your machine? PawPaws work shop has a good video on it.

I attached a piece of PVC material along my Y axis and used the X carve to shave off a tiny bit in its length to be sure I had a straight edge that was parallel with my actual Y. Being off a tiny bit at one of a 30" length will make the other end be off a significant amount.

Hope that helps. Steve

Do you mind sharing the Easel file you use to make it? Did you have the overlap turned on in the tiling settings?

Thanks Steve! I haven’t checked square in a while so I’ll double check that. I did move the machine the other day so I’ll check it again

Yeah, I had the overlapping turned on. I’ve attached the fileCopy of 5 foot Welcome.zip (20.7 KB)

Can you describe what you’re doing to reference the workpiece?

Most likely, your reference edge is not parallel to your Y axis.

Can you share the Easel file? File > Share > Share with Link > Save. I’d love to see how everything is setup inside!